When you walk into a house and gradually into the different rooms and parts of it, the first thing you will most probably notice is the décor and theme of each room. A part of the house has its own personality, whether there is one general theme or an assortment that complements all working designs.

Redecorating your own home is an exciting and as well as challenging task. Choices abound, but this also means that there are lots of ways for you to experiment and make a statement. More than the whole picture of your home, like if you are going for a rustic design, or a modern one; details catch and retain attention.

One of these details includes the cabinet knobs. Surely almost every room in the house contains a cabinet. And knobs made by each style and even material create a different feel. You may want to consider revamping your cabinet knobs before changing your cabinets all together.

 Here are common cabinet knob styles and the themes they most complement:

    1. Ceramic and glass—these two suit well the classic look. Glossy white, transparent, and shiny hues of black, emerald, and ruby red are some designs to choose from. Installing these to your kitchen cabinets can produce traditional and classy vibes. Being made of clear glass, and porcelain, it can surely channel a sophisticated air.


    1. Plain knobs—if you want to go basic, these are your best bet. Oval knobs, round and square ones are the most common variety. They do not contain any filigree giving off a contemporary and country or antique vibe. Materials are usually made from wood, bronze, brass, and cast iron.


    1. Ornate knobs—these may be the most versatile style that you can purchase. From simple raised designs to intricate motifs ranging from flowers to vines, they give off a very decorative look. This type is perfect if you’re going for modern classy and sophisticated themes.


    1. Elongated knobs—made for purpose rather than design, these are good if you opt for knobs that can easily be gripped and grabbed. They are however more difficult to install due to their structure, but if you are looking for convenience, then this is your best buy.


    1. Decorative knobs—these cabinet knobs are charming and easily customize the feel of any room. You can choose from a plethora of available designs from fruits to suit kitchens, flowers for study rooms or the bedrooms, and motifs that work well with the bathroom.


Enjoy the challenging of hunting down the perfect knobs for your home. Once you find the ones that complement well each room’s theme, you can see the effect on your décor. Conveniently select from online shops specializing in home improvement and the likes, or drop your neighborhood do-it-yourself shops or hardware store. Having specially trained assistants go with you through selecting pieces can help a lot. Or if you want a more personal touch, visit craft stores too.

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