The kitchen is one of the most functional places at home. This is ma because the like a factory where everything in it is functional and have a purpose. Today however modern kitchens have become part of design feature of the home. There are even instances were home owner’s decided to make their kitchen the centrepiece of their home decoration. With today’s standards everything is possible but in term of kitchen design and motif you always need to find a core traditional design to build on if you want a modern stylish kitchen. This is because you can never give up the kitchen’s functionality just for style and these core designs have perfected these kitchen rule and all you have to do is build on it. Not to worry though because there is no way these designs could hinder your creative vision for they themselves are stylish in their own way. Here are examples of basic kitchen designs you can choose to copy as is but also free to be modified anytime you want without much hindrance.
• Old-World kitchen
This design is inspired by traditional French and Italian kitchens. As we all know the Italians and French are the authority when it comes to good food so this kitchen is built for functionality as well as great character. The design incorporates wood surfaces usually from mahogany and cherry which acts as the basic surface of the majority of the area from cabinets, to tables, and even the floor. Built in marble counters and apron sinks are an essential element since this kitchen deals with a lot of pastries. Copper pots are also some of its basic elements but its entirely up to you to incorporate this aspect. To be more authentic you can also choose food and vegetable decorations like tomatoes and olives.
 • Farm Kitchen

This is inspired by the traditional American country type kitchen. The style has a more rustic feel to it with forged iron hardware, country cupboards and also with breadboard panelling. The typical predominant color in this type of kitchen is elements of red, blue, and yellow. Themes and motifs could include farm animal design patterns like cows and chickens.

• Country Kitchen

This is a more refined version of the Farm Kitchen. It is Refined in a sense that it is not as rustic in its component as the Farm Kitchen but has more casual family oriented warmth to its overall design. This is actually one of the more popular types of core kitchen designs because of its simplistic elegance and versatility. This kitchen is characterized by components which allow you to eat in it. It usually has a single color element in its design which adds further to its simple appeal. This type of kitchen design is the core of most modern kitchen designs.

• Contemporary Kitchen
This kitchen is probably the most modern kitchen core design with its components already incorporating modern kitchen tools. This design is a take on the sleek Danish and Scandinavian kitchen designs. It is characterized by flat surfaces of its countertops and are usually made of light wood material. It incorporates stainless steel components. One particular aspect of this kitchen is the emphasis on incorporating small kitchen appliances in its overall design rather than keep them hidden in the shelves.

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