Whenever you say home improvement, it doesn’t just mean the progression inside the house; it’s an overall development both inner and outer just as long as it’s for the efficient functionality of the facility.

People who own window shades for example are often associated with problems such as:

Having a hard time pulling down or could barely be pulled down anymore.

  1. Not being able to let the shade stay down.
  2. Having the shade hastily go up.
  3. Having the shade slowly go up.

Now isn’t that just annoying, having something useless in your house placed on your decent window? You need to go and fix it up right away but before you do, you need a couple of things first.


  • T-square
  • Staple Gun
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Canned Air / Brush
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors

You can get the replacement parts from the window shades’ manufacturer; try looking at larger hardware store would also be a good idea. Now let’s go to the steps in fixing your window shades.

Check the number your window shade is experiencing above, then check the numbers here to find out how to fix it.


  1. You need to loosen a spring that is locked in the coil to fix a window shade that you can’t pull down at all. Take out the roller from the brackets, then use your pliers to twist the pin clockwise, freeing the pawl. Now release it in a quick manner, this is to undo or unwind the coil. Lastly you need to loosen or tighten its spring tension as needed. (Check * for procedure.)


  1. You need to make the window shade’s ratchet lock if the shades can’t stay down. Remove the roller from the brackets first; next remove its metal end cap and use your brush / canned air to take dirt off from the pawl and ratchet, carefully lubricate these parts with penetrating oil.


  1. If your window shade goes up too forcefully, all you have to do it * loosen its spring’s tension. Roll up the window’s shade and lift the roller out of the brackets then unroll the shades midway and put back the roller in the brackets. Continue doing this till you are satisfied with its tension.


  1. When the shade slowly goes up, you have to * tighten its spring’s tension, this procedure by the way, is almost similar to loosening a tension spring. First off, you need to pull the shade down midway, lift the roller out of its brackets and roll up the shade. Put back the roller in the brackets. Continue till you are satisfied with the shade’s tension.

Remember, our main objective here is to repair our window shades and prevent any future problems with it, if your window shade is still having troubles, try going over the procedure again or ask about it from its producer. There are a lot of capable individuals in their company that I’m sure would give you their time in answering your questions.

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