The kitchen is one of the dirtiest and most cluttered places in anyone’s home because it is one place people most often use.  It is very important to keep it clean and organized since it is where the food and drinks are prepared. Cleaning the kitchen means cleaning the dishes, the floor, cooking areas, tables and trash. Cooking areas include the stove and the sink. Keeping the kitchen in order seems to be impossible for some. It is very difficult to remove grease that has accumulated in kitchenware and other items found in the kitchen. In order to avoid the grease from accumulating, cleaning the kitchen regularly is the best option. In cleaning the kitchen, you do not need to use expensive cleaning products. Water, soap and any disinfectant is enough to keep the kitchen clean.

Here are easy steps you need to follow to maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen.

  • First, focus on the sink. Sanitize the sink and the area around it. In a small basin, mix water and baking soda to help in the fast removal or grime and dirt. Use a sponge for faster and better cleaning.
  • Next, proceed to cleaning the kitchenware and other equipment used in cooking and eating. All the dirty dishes should be grouped together and all the kitchenware should also be grouped together in one area. Remove all the left over from the plates and throw them in the trash. Wash each dish with soap and water and rinse it very well with hot water. Once you are done with cleaning, arrange these dishes in a rack and let dry.
  • Next, proceed with the tables and boards. You can simply use a sprayer, spray the disinfecting solution to the tabletops and boards, and wipe them with a piece of cloth. Make sure to clean the edges since dirt usually accumulate in that area. If the tables or boards are made with stainless steel, use vinegar mixed with water to shine it. After that, wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • Clean the oven. You can warm up the oven to char food bits that are present in the oven. In this process, the remaining food bits can be removed easily. Soap, water and vinegar solution can be used to degrease the oven and keep it clean.
  • After the oven, it is now time to empty the trashcans. You need to empty these cans before you sweep the floor to avoid the garbage from spilling onto the floor while or after cleaning.

Lastly, clean the floor of your kitchen. Sweep all the dust and dirt that you can find on the floor, then mop it using soap and hot water. You may also use a sanitizing solution to remove bacteria present on the floor. Repeat the process twice to ensure that the floor is clean enough and is free from bacteria. After you are done with the mopping, let the floor air dry. Inform the other persons in the house not to go to the kitchen first until the floor is dry enough to be stepped upon.

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