Today the kitchen as much as any part of the house takes on the function of both functionality and style. The kitchen is no longer as restricted to just a plain old place for cooking but as much as everything else it becomes an open area for guests to explore and hopefully admire. For the modern home owner who wants a stylish kitchen it is important to consider the option of remodelling your kitchen to become more elegant. Today this process is not as difficult as it sounds and materials are fairly easy to find. It is important though that in the whole idea of remodelling we know where to begin and no place is better than the floor. The kitchen floor is practically the foundation of every kitchen theme. It is generally where you base your whole design theme since it is the most imposing area of the kitchen. Choosing the right type of material and design for remodelling your kitchen floor is important, not only design wise but also budget and practicality wise. There are plenty of floor models and design options for the kitchen and it would be wise to know the elements of each so that you can decide what is best for your taste, overall design, and budget.

Types of kitchen flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring

This is one of the most traditional and elegant kitchen designs. Hardwood floorings are built to last if you buy the very durable kind. It can give warmth and a classic feel to your kitchen floor. Most modern hardwood flooring however is more liberal in design and can be designed to include more vibrant and casual color schemes without sacrificing its toughness of course. There are two types of hardwood flooring. One is the solid hardwood made from real polished wood slabs. This type usually comes in three variations which differ according to quality and price. The other type of hardwood flooring is the engineered wood where wood fibers, particles, chippings, are bound synthetically to form wood floorings. Both types of flooring are generally built to last but may be a bit pricey than others.

  • Laminate Flooring

This is basically a thinner layer of wood flooring laid over existing floorings to give it a hardwood appearance. These floorings are quite durable but will only be as durable as their base flooring. They are quite easy to install and ideal for do it yourself types of home improvement. Maintenance is also easy since they are made to be stain resistant. This is a practical and cheaper option if you want to achieve the solid hardwood look but doesn’t have the budget or the time for installation. It also makes use of your original flooring which saves you a lot of trouble.

  • Ceramic Tile

This type of kitchen flooring is trendy and casual. There are a lot of design options and you are free to mix and match different types and colors of tiles. They are very resistant to stains, they don’t absorb odor, and most especially they are non flammable. There are also different of tile sizes to choose from but choosing bigger sizes gives you less grout lines which are the only areas of this material which is a bit challenging to clean.

  • Vinyl Flooring

These are more budget friendly kitchen flooring options. They are not very popular however because of relatively lower quality but if its practicality you prioritize, then these are definitely your best choice.

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