A toilet bowl that is broken may make a lot of fuss in your home that is why replacing it as soon as possible is a must. In order to help you with this task, here are some tips and steps.

Getting the Area to be Repaired Ready

Initially, you need to protect yourself by wearing rubber gloves and face mask. In order for you to easily move around, you need to clear the area that is around the bowl and then clean the bowl itself using a good cleaning solution. This is crucial so that you will be spared from any unpleasant odors while you will be working. If there are any water spills on the floor, wipe them so that tripping may be prevented. Spray the nuts in the base of the bowls and the nuts that are found on the bottom of the tank using a WD40 lubricant in order for the entire solution to slip down of the thread.

Detaching the Toilet Tank

Start off by shutting off the main water supply switch. In order to drain the water in stock, completely flush the water tank. Then take out the hose by making use of a pipe wrench in order to hold the connector and then turn it in a counter-clockwise direction. By using an adjustable wrench, remove the nut found at the bottom of the tank. Take of the tank cover carefully. Make sure that you take a firm balance by lifting the tank and set it aside on one corner.

Removing the Toilet Bowl

Pour one sachet of gel toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and then wait for the water to solidify like a gel. Check if there is a sealant used at the base of the bowl and the floor. Remove the caulk using a putty knife. Using an adjustable wrench, unscrew all the bolts that secure the bowl to the floor. Beginning on one side, lift the toilet bowl slowly while the other side rests on the floor. Put it down and proceed by lifting the opposite side. This is to guarantee that all sides have already loosened up. Slowly lift the bowl and then set it aside.

Installing Your New Bowl

By using a putty knife, remove the worn out gasket and clean it thoroughly to get rid of all debris. Then install your new gasket in the hole. Get the measurements and use a pencil to mark the location of the gasket to the toilet bowl base. This will ensure an accurate and easier alignment/ next, place the new bowl. Secure all the bolts and to seal the toilet bowl base, apply caulk. Install the supply hose and the tank. Before opening the water supply valve in your toilet, make sure that everything is already in place.

Touch Ups and Finishing

To guarantee that all parts are installed correctly, try and flush the bowl so that the debris will be thoroughly washed out. Inspect the bowl if there are leaks or damages and correct and repair immediately if there are any. Clean the entire area and yourself by washing your hands properly using antibacterial soap.

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