Choosing the right flooring is more often than not as essential as building a strong foundation. Floorings are the immediate surface we come in contact to when we enter a room and if it’s important to us to have the convenience we need, then it surely pays in taking a while deciding on a good flooring. There are lots of things we should consider in choosing our flooring including how good the surface is for waking, safety, maintenance, and cleanliness. There is also a wide range of choice available in the market for flooring. There is however a type of flooring that stand out in general among others in most of its aspects, and this is the hardwood flooring. There are actually two types of hardwood flooring each of them unique in structure but doesn’t differ much in function. One of these is the solid hardwood which is made from wooden slabs shaped and polished into flooring. The other type is the engineered hardwood made from compacted wood materials like wood chippings, shavings, etc. the latter is formed by a synthetic bond but has the same finish as the solid hardwood.

 Advantages of Hardwood
• Durability
Wood material is one of the strongest building materials in the world and the same goes with hardwood flooring. Wood can take on huge amounts of pressure over time and is flexible enough to adjust to certain stresses. Its surface can retain its aesthetic quality for years given the proper treatment and not prone to abuse. If it is abused by scratching and subjected to not so good maintenance, it would still be better looking for years than other materials. Wood flooring can go on for centuries and can withstand generations of foot traffic.
• Cleaning and Maintenance
All it takes to clean a hardwood surface is a wet mop or a vacuum cleaner and the rest is history. It doesn’t require any chemical treatment to maintain and clean. You can even choose to use disinfectants which compromise the design and lustre of some floorings, but not in the case of the hardwood. Maintenance is almost nonexistent except for the usual daily for cleaning and checking its integrity every 5 months or so but it’s entirely optional.
• Design Variety
There are a lot of design patterns available for hardwood surfaces which have diverse themes all for your liking. It may not have the exclusivity in the field of variety but considering the options you have with it plus the fact that it has variety then it definitely stands out. other types of flooring may have the same amount of design but they can’t come close to the durability and daily ease a hardwood brings.
• Value
Hardwood is one of the pricey options when it comes to flooring. Despite this fact, it is quite a good investment in the long run compared to other floor surfaces. With hardwood you may not need to change your flooring your entire lifetime, your kids’ lifetime, your grandchildren’s lifetime, and even beyond. Other flooring may be cheap at purchase but would plague you with high maintenance cost and constant need for replacement. Hardwood can also significantly increase the market value of your house which could end up in you gaining more than what you invested.

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